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G2 Selected to Develop Military Familiarization Courses

September 29, 2017 – G2 Global Solutions (G2) has been named prime on a contract to develop and conduct Military Familiarization courses. G2 has become an integral component in the development of mission-critical coursework that provides education and training services encompassing a wide variety of U.S. Government Agencies. G2’s newly developed training course is designed
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G2 Awarded VA Acquisitions Contract to Help Meet Requirements for Eight Healthcare Systems

September 23, 2017 – G2 Global Solutions (G2) has received the prime contract with the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for acquisition support services in Long Beach, CA. Efforts provided by G2 will allow Network Contracting Office 22, also known as NCO 22, to meet a myriad of contracting requirements for each of the eight
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G2 Awarded Prime on Contract with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

September 19, 2017 – G2 Global Solutions (G2) has been named prime on a contract with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. G2 will be providing administrative support at the Cabo Rojo, National Wildlife Refuge in the Caribbean Islands NWR Complex.
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FDA Awards G2 Contract to provide Personnel Security and information security services

September 13, 2017 – G2 Global Solutions (G2) has won a prime contract with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) supporting the Office of Security and Emergency Management (OSEM) to provide critical personnel security and information security services in support of the Director, Office of Security Operations.
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GSA awards G2 with PSS Schedule

September 13, 2017 – G2 Global Solutions (G2) was awarded the General Service Administration’s (GSA) Schedule Professional Services Schedule (PSS). GSA PSS contract offers our federal and eligible state, local, and contractor clients a streamlined, simple contracting vehicle for procuring professional services offered on Contract No. GS-00F-397GA.   The GSA Professional Services Schedule (PSS) is an IDIQ multiple award schedule,
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G2 Awarded DHS Cybersecurity, Communications Subcontract

July 14, 2017 –  G2 Global Solutions (G2) was awarded a subcontract by SRA International, Inc. to provide support to their NPPD CS&C Mission Support contract for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).
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G2, HHS Contract Expands, Doubling G2’s Personnel Support

June 29, 2017 –  G2 Global Solutions (G2) contract with the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) expands, doubling the size of personnel support to the Office of Security and Strategic Information (OSSI) [now known as the Office of National Security (ONS)].
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G2 Receives Distinguished Veteran Service Award for Third Year in Row

From Commissioner John L. Newby II: “On behalf of Governor McAuliffe, please allow me to extend my thanks and sincere congratulations for G2 Global Solutions’ continuing education and engagement with the Veterans population. We are proud to present your company with its 3rd V3-Certified Company award, demonstrating your continued commitment to increase employment opportunities for
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